Immerse Yourself In La Dolce Vita – Amalfi Coast Style

You’ve probably heard the popular Italian expression about living the sweet life. It comes from the title of a famous 1960 Fellini movie most noted for its memorable scene of the main characters, played by Marcello Mastroianni and Anita Ekberg, wandering the alleys of Rome at night and eventually wading and splashing around in the Trevi Fountain. There is even a plaque dedicated to “La Dolce Vita” along the well-known Via Veneto. The movie lefts its mark as the characters truly “immersed” themselves in the excitement and beauty of all things Italy, sometimes taking things to extreme.

The good news is that off screen, and in the real world, there are a lot of great ways to literally immerse in La Dolce Vita without getting the attention of the Polizia di Stato and Carabinieri by using a national monument as your own private swimming pool. That’s not on our agenda, but plenty of other “immersion” style events are, during T’s Italy’s first ever Amalfi Coast Immersion Tour coming up September 23rd through October 1st, 2020.

T’s Italy has been up and running since last summer, and since then we’ve consulted with dozens of clients helping them plan the best Italy experience. I’ve noticed that many Italy travelers almost always want to include a visit to the unbeatable Amalfi Coast. It’s by far at the top of the list of Italy destinations. So, we decided to plan a special journey; a unique itinerary highlighting the sights, sounds, and rich traditions of this waterfront community in Southern Campania. We’ll be staying at my favorite Italian hotel, Tre Monto d’Oro (Golden Sunset), in the heart of my favorite Italian town, Praiano. We’ll learn about the food through a fabulous cooking course, take in a special “Happy 250th Birthday Mr. Beethoven” concert above the sea in stunning Ravello, a town known for its scenery as well as its music, visit the home of a resident for a beautiful outdoor reception, and immerse ourselves quite literally in the waters of the Mediterranean during a boat tour along the coastline, and so much more.

While we’ll still see some of the famous sights such as St. Andrew’s in Amalfi and the Isle of Capri, the idea here is to immerse and relax in one of the most stunning venues on God’s green earth. For those who would like to spend a few days in Rome, we’re offering an extension to the Eternal City.

For more information check out the link to our flier or call Corporate Travel Service and ask for Nate Wine at 1-313-565-8888. Ciao for now and looking forward to helping you discover La Dolce Vita seaside along the Amalfi Coast.