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Whether this is your first time to Italy or you have been there 20 times, I can help offer expert advice for you make the most of your time in the country. I provide personalized attention and travel coaching services for each person’s travel needs. I don’t offer “cookie-cutter” packages. Everyone’s traveling to Italy for a different reason. I offer consultation services for all types of travelers – young or old – and for both the experienced Italy traveler, or for those that are going to Italy for the first time.

It’s simple! Just complete the short T’s Italy Questionnaire to get started and I will be in touch!

Not Your Average Tourism Web Site

“T’s Italy” is unique because in addition answering all of your Italy travel questions through links, articles, videos, and photos on this site, I can also serve as your personal travel coach. We can chat via email, Skype, FaceTime, or on the phone. And while there are many websites dedicated to Italy travel, very few offer personal one-on-one consultations. By filling out my questionnaire and scheduling a consultation, I can individualize your Italy trip right down to what type of pasta you should order for pranzo (mid-day meal). And if you so choose, I can also help you actually get that trip booked. That’s right. No need to worry about the planes, trains, automobiles, or hotels as my experienced partners at Corporate Travel Service, will handle that for you. So welcome. Or as they say in Italy “Benvenuto.” I can’t wait to share my love of Italy with you and help you organize the trip of a lifetime. Andiamo Italia!

About T's Italy,

The Tale of T’s Italy

It began as a vacation and quickly turned into somewhat of an obsession for all things Italy. I first visited Italy 20 years ago with my husband Deacon Dominick and something clicked. We are F.B.I.’s, (Full Blooded Italians), so naturally we felt an instant connection to the land of our heritage. But it was more than that.  We quickly realized we felt as if we belonged, so much so that at times it seemed as if we were more comfortable in Italy than our actual home in the United States.

As we saw the older Italian men gathering in the piazza in the afternoon for their vino or espresso, we recognized our grandfathers. As we watched the cooks making the pasta at a little ristorante in Rome, or the young men tossing the dough for the pizza margherita in Naples, the memories of cooking with our aunts and uncles, complete with all the sights, sounds, and smells of an Italian kitchen came rushing back. All of this combined with the history, the art, the natural beauty, and last but certainly not least, our connection to our Catholic faith, meant we were hooked. We decided that Italy was the country we wanted to explore. So, we quickly began to put Italy on our annual vacation bucket list.

The Journeys Begin

Little did I, who’ve spent the majority of my professional life in the secular media, know that my eventual work in Catholic broadcasting would provide additional opportunities to quickly make that bucket list a reality. As a Catholic journalist and motivational speaker regularly addressing women’s issues, I was chosen to serve as a Vatican delegate for a special women’s conference in Rome. Other numerous assignments, including covering the canonization of several new saints, gave me a unique understanding of how to navigate the Eternal City, whether I was there as a tourist or a pilgrim interested in a Papal audience. Through those many assignments combined with the annual personal vacations we took all over Italy, and being asked to host tours and pilgrimages through my radio network, Ave Maria Radio, before long, I found myself in this special country several times a year.

Two decades passed and I’d logged over 50, yes you read that correctly, more than 50, trips to sunny Italy packing all sorts of valuable information and insider secrets into that suitcase along with countless special rosaries blessed by the Pope and a few great pairs of Italian shoes, of course. I then began sharing my love and knowledge of Italy on my daily radio program and social media. As a result, requests began to pour in from listeners and followers looking for everything from a simple hotel or restaurant suggestion to full blown itineraries. And that’s how T’s Italy was born; the opportunity to provide in one central user-friendly location not only detailed and practical information, but fun and interesting stories of travels to my favorite country on the planet, and the most beautiful place on God’s green earth.

And that’s what makes T’s Italy different from the many Italian tourism websites out there today. I’m not a licensed guide, but an official “italophile”, someone who loves and favors all things Italian. My  passion for the “boot” has definitely led to me to become an Italy travel expert. T’s Italy is designed to help you plan the perfect Italy get away. Whether you’ve dreamed of your own version of a Romantic Roman holiday that would be the envy of everyone, Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck included, or if you’re hoping for a more spiritual faith- based journey visiting St. Peter’s and the many other breathtaking basilicas, you’ve come to the right place. It’s a one-stop shopping all-inclusive website.

How T’s Italy Can Work For You

Here’s how T’s Italy works for you. You can simply sign up to receive my regular updates, to learn more. Or if you’re ready to make that leap across the pond and plan that long-awaited Italy excursion, you can have a personal consultation with me, and if you desire, receive the expertise of my key partner, Corporate Travel Service. All you need to do to start planning that trip of a life-time is to fill out my questionnaire, which you’ll find at the bottom of the page, and your journey begins.

I, and Corporate Travel if you wish, will work with you to find the perfect fit with flights, hotels, tours, and so much more! Maybe it’s Sicily in the south that you’re longing to see, or Siena in the northern hills of Tuscany that’s captured your imagination, I can help. From the stunning Amalfi Coast on the Mediterranean to the lesser known but just as captivating hill towns of the Abruzzo region that hug the Adriatic, I’ve been there and done that. Stop by here regularly and you’ll experience, through a steady stream of vlogs and blogs, Italy off the beaten path; unique spots such as ancient Matera in southern and somewhat isolated but beautiful Basilicata or Milan’s lively canal district, the Naviglia Grande. Yes, the inland city up north known as a fashion mecca is also known for its canals.

You’ll meet American ex-pats who call Rome their new home, and find out what daily life in this famous fantastico foreign land is really like. You’ll learn how to avoid the tourist traps and how to avoid looking like that annoying tourist. You’ll meet much loved saints such as St. Padre Pio of Pietrelcina and St. Francis of Assisi as I take you to their hometowns and inside the magnificent shrines built in their honor; captivating cathedrals that will tug on those heartstrings, regardless of one’s particular beliefs. And as long as you promise not to cut your pasta or have a cappuccino beyond the noon hour (I’ll explain later,) I’m here to help you. So, as they say in Italy; “Benvenuto”- welcome. Thanks for visiting T’s Italy, again your one-stop shopping for all things Italia. I hope you’ll stay around a while and I look forward to helping you make that Italy dream come true!


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