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The School of Athens” fresco, among others, was painted by Renaissance master Raphael between 1509-1511. It depicts famous ancient philosophers Aristotle and Plato, surrounded by other highly revered philosophers, scientists, and mathematicians. It was commissioned by Pope Julius II to decorate the papal apartments in the Apostolic Palace in Vatican City. Now the four “Raphael Rooms” are part of the Vatican Museums, and are considered one of the high points of the Renaissance. Some of the people depicted include Socrates, Pythagoras, and Archimedes. Raphael also included a self-portrait, Michelangelo as Greek philosopher Heraclitus, and Leonardo da Vinci as the great Plato himself. To learn more click here and here.

The Resurrection Tapestry in the Vatican
The Resurrection Tapestry in the Vatican

If you visit the Sistine Chapel, you walk through the 245 foot long Tapestry Gallery before your entrance to the Chapel. One of the stunning tapestries, commissioned by Pope Clement VII and designed by the School of the artist Raphael, is the Resurrection of Christ, created by the amazing Workshop of artist Pieter Van Aelst in Brussels from 1524 to 1531. It was subsequently hung in the Sistine Chapel, but eventually moved to the Tapestry Gallery in 1838. The expert weavers make Christ seem to come alive, and his piercing gaze “follows” you as you move down the hall!

Information about the Throne of St. Peter in St. Peter's Basilica

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Vatican Treasure: Modern Bramonte Spiral Staircase
Sculpture from the Vatican: Laocoon and His Sons
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