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Welcome to T’s Italy—your one stop shopping for planning your visit to one of the most beautiful places on the planet. Perhaps it’s your very first time traveling to the “boot.” Maybe you share my passion for this country and are on your way back for the second or third time. Or it could be that right now a trip overseas is not doable, but you still would like to learn as much as possible for when that “someday” moment becomes a reality. Whatever your particular situation, you’ve come to the right place.

It’s simple! Just complete the short T’s Italy Questionnaire to get started and I will be in touch!

Take some time to explore T’s Italy and you’ll discover that a majority of the content is free for the taking. Subscribe to the free e-newsletter and you’ll have access to the latest video, which is also available on the T’s Italy YouTube Channel where I will transport you, in about five minutes or less, to an amazing city, hillside town, or an unknown and off the beaten path village that will be one more location you’ll no doubt want to add to that Italy bucket list. T’s Italy videos also include travel tips to Italy, interviews with residents of Italy, local chefs, as well as Americans who now call Italy home. Again, even if a trip to Italy is not in the near future, subscribing to my videos and emails will make you feel as if you are right there standing in front of the Roman Colosseum, or strolling through the quaint streets on the Isle of Capri, or along the famed Amalfi Coast.

In addition to the free content, there are a variety of personal services I offer here through T’s Italy including:

Personalized Italy Trip Planning & Coaching:

Private One (1) Hour Phone Consultation with Italy Travel Expert, Teresa Tomeo After filling out your T’s Italy travel questionnaire, a private phone consultation with Italy Travel Expert, Teresa Tomeo, will be scheduled at your convenience to accommodate your schedule. Teresa will be available to you for 60 minutes of uninterrupted and detailed advice. Prior to the consultation the team at T’s Italy, led by Teresa Tomeo, will have reviewed your questionnaire. Teresa will then help you plan your trip complete with advice on not only what sights to see, but where to stay and dine as well. Teresa’s years of travel experience all over Italy can help make this happen, especially through this very private consultation.

Everything from appropriate attire, Italy etiquette, and when and how to see the Pope, will be covered. Consultation Fee: $350 for one hour.

This rate includes the following:

Overall lay of the land based on Teresa’s more than 60 trips to this amazing country.

– Suggestions on how to combine faith, food, and fun including my favorite churches, restaurants, and wineries or wine bars.

– An overview of  the most important Catholic and historical sights.

– Suggestions on where to stay including my favorite hotels.

– Suggestions on travel to and from your destinations.

T's Italy Sample of Travel SummaryAnd finally, after our consultation I will provide you a personalized, detailed written “T’s Italy Travel Consultation Summary” pertaining to what we discussed, your areas of interest, and much more. This summary will provide direct links to many of my recommendations and makes a very comprehensive and convenient go-to guide before and during your visit.

If you need help with booking your flights, hotel, tours, and the ever so important mode of transportation, etc. Teresa will be recommending during your one-hour consultation a exclusive representative of Corporate Travel; our key partner. Corporate Travel ( has been working directly with Teresa for nearly 20 years organizing countless successful Italy packages including tours, pilgrimages, as well as individual trips.

Note: Due to the high volume of travel to Italy, I recommend your consultation be scheduled between 9 months to a year in advance before your travel date, if possible. This will give you the best chance of getting not only more availability but better prices, so your trip could then cost less overall. Hence, your Italy experience could be enhanced tremendously.

“Please note: All consultations are scheduled and listed in the Eastern Time Zone.”