Travel Tips

Beat the Heat travel tip: Don't let the heat in Italy make or break your trip! The pavement can get pretty hot in the summer & can cut your enjoyment in half, and exhaust you early. Be sure to choose the shady side of the street to walk, or carry an umbrella, and be sure to bring a hat!
Travel to Italy in May is beautiful. (Lake scene with flowers)
Make a copy of your passport before travel
Weather in Italy in March changes quickly, picture of woman with scarf and hat
Take the time to Savor the moment and soak in the beauty of cathedrals and art, even if you have to go back after a tour.
Taste the Real Italy: When visiting Italy, sample the wonderful local markets that roll into different towns each week bringing the best of local produce and regional meats & cheeses. Visiting one of these is a great way to get to know each area & taste the real Italy!
Use a guided tour when traveling
Allow ample time for relaxation in Italy
Tips on saving on cell phones when traveling in Italy
Check passport expiration date
Travel Light Travel Tip
Travel Tip on Adriatic
Rental Car on Beach
Wine, Cheese, Fruit & Salami
Outdoor cafe in Italy
Spaghetti with meat sauce
Sailboat on the Amalfi Coast, Italy
Cup of Cappuccino
Bottles of Lemoncello
Pasta and sauce on white plate
Wrapped present
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