Feasts & Festivals

Picture of Italian flower festival, women with flowered hats in procession.
Man visiting a shrine to the Blessed Mother on a street in Italy
May Day in Italy
Festival in Matera, Italy. People walking with picture of Madonna and Child.

Beyond its rich and historic architectural features, Matera is famous for its yearly festival, “Festa di Maria Santissima della Bruna.” This week-long July festival, held since 1389, celebrates the city’s patron Madonna Della Bruna. Continue Reading.

Tiber River

If you are visiting Rome in June or July I strongly suggest you take time to enjoy their famous summer festival named Lungo il Tevere, which translates into “Along the Tiber” in Italian. It is a summer–long festival… continue reading.

Large White Truffle

Fiera del Tartufo – Alba White Truffle Festival, Piedmont Region of Italy. Get out your special truffle hunting license and your truffle sniffing dog and head to Piedmont. Misplaced your license & dog? Then head to the truffle hunting festival instead – held every year in November.

Man on stilts performing with fire for festival.

Luminaria di San Domenico – Praiano, Italy. Held every year this amazing festival of fire celebrates the feast of St. Dominick in early August.

Photos: Shutterstock/gianni31 joker, AM113, Marco Lissoni