I love sharing photos of our amazing trips to Italy! Here are some albums of recent trips I have taken.


Outdoor shrine in Assisi of the Blessed Mother and JesusT’s Italy Pilgrimage “La Dolce Fede” The Sweet Life of Faith Pilgrimage – November 2023 in the footsteps of Saints Frances and Peter, to Viterbo, Assisi, Orvieto (and its Eucharistic Miracle), Narni, Todi, the place of the first Nativity Scene Greccio, & Christian Rome!





Women's Pilgrimage to Italy group of pilgrims.WINE & Shrine Women’s Pilgrimage – October 2023, Assisi, Orvieto, Siena, Florence, San Gimignano & Rome!





T’s Italy Premiere Pilgrimage, “La Dolce Fede: The Sweet Life of Faith” Pilgrimage – November 2022, Assisi, Greccio, the town with the first nativity scene; Orvieto with its Eucharistic Miracle; Bagnaia; Tarquinia with its Etruscan remains, Cerveteri, and Christian Rome.






T’s Italy Great Northern Italy Adventure – June 2022Marina in Varenna, Italy, Varenna on Lake Como, Sestre Levante – Cinque Terre and Piemonte!





Photo of Zurich, SwitzerlandOberammergau, Germany, Switzerland, ItalyJune 2022, Munich, Bavaria, the Obergammergau Passion Play, Zurich, Milan, ending with a visit to the shrine of St. Gianna Beretta Molla.






Italy in April & May 2022 Rome, the Aventine Hill, Tivoli Gardens, Castel Gandolfo with the Papal Gardens, the countryside of Lazio, Viterbo, and Tuscania north of Rome.






Basilica in AssisiSaints and Shrines Pilgrimage to Italy, March 2022, We started in the Italian mountains of the north, traveled through the heartland, along the Adriatic Coast, and all the way to Rome. We visited Milan, Pavia, Florence, Siena, Assisi, Loreto, Manoppello, Lanciano, Padre Pio’s San Giovanni Rotondo, and ended in Rome, with wine tasting, cooking classes, special guides, and visits to amazing churches and shrines along the way!





Italy in June & November 2021. Our first visits after COVID to Rome, the Vatican and Vatican Museums, Amalfi, Positano, Ravello, and Tuscany is amazing!