“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul” wrote John Muir. Travel shouldn’t mean travail. Let Teresa Tomeo sweat the details so you can savor the richness that is Italy. For over two decades Teresa has shared her passion for Italy with millions of television, radio and podcast listeners. Now she turns that experience and love over to you. Let her imbue your trip with personal care, cultural depth, joyful humor and openness to Italy’s rich spiritual heritage. Travel with Teresa “in your pocket” and watch recreation become re-creation.”

— Al Kresta, President & CEO of Ave Maria Radio

“We are very excited to partner with Teresa on her launch of T’s Italy! Teresa’s extensive travel to and knowledge of Italy uniquely equip her to provide the very best advice on travel throughout Italy and, most importantly, on travel from the perspective of the Catholic Faith! T’s Italy is the only service designed specifically to provide the very best guidance for individuals, couples and families looking to plan their dream trip to Italy. Teresa’s advice and counsel will transform your experience in Italy from average to a life-changing encounter through the art, food, and geography of the place that Teresa loves so dear!”

— John Hale, President of Corporate Travel


“If you’re interested in going to the spectacular, delightful, delectable and historical country of Italy — don’t ask a boring person or one tied to a desk! Rather, consult with a wildly exciting person who can talk to you about this inimitable country because she loves every inch of the land and has explored it and enjoyed it with gusto. She knows the shopping and restaurants (oh my, did I mention the food!) On top of all of that, Italy is a thoroughly Catholic country with riches and saints and miracles and churches and art that other countries can only dream of. Ask a person who is devoutly Catholic and has  researched, studied, prayed and touched the sacred throughout this stunning land. In other words, ASK TERESA!”

— Steve Ray, Owner of Footprints of God Pilgrimages

“It’s hard to say what is more impressive, Teresa’s love of Italy or her knowledge of its history, people, customs, and culture, but one is for certain, when you travel with T, you experience everything to the Nth degree and leave loving the “Motherland” almost as much as she does! She has a contagious passion for everything Italian—the food and wine, art and architecture, churches and scenery, fashion and design, and most especially, the sales! When it comes to getting the best in Italy for the best price, T knows the ropes!”

— Kelly Wahlquist, Founder of WINE: Women In the New Evangelization