Exploring Italy: Fun & Fascinating Articles


Catacombs in Naples, ItalyThe Amazing Catacombs of Naples, part of Google’s Art and Culture website.

How Naples reinvented the Catacombs of Rione Sanità into a must-see attraction.




Buckwheat pasta dishPizzoccheri: Italy’s debated buckwheat pasta recipe, Liz Shemaria, BBC.com.

Meet Pizzoccheri, an amazing buckwheat dish! Made in Teglio, Italy about 80 miles northeast of Milan, not far from the border of Switzerland. Delicious and a source of pride to its makers. It is good to know Italy is offering a lot of specialty products and pastas catering to dietary needs, as well as being delicious.



Mom and young daughter in Venice, happyHow to Enjoy Italy with Kids, John Bensalhia, Italy Magazine.

There’s lots of things to do with kids in Italy, especially museums, boats, beaches, and, of course, the amazing food – gelato!





Pompeii ruins with Mt. Vesuvius volcano in backgroundPompeii’s ancient drains are STILL in working order and will be used again to empty rainwater into the sea 2,300 years after they were built, Joe Pinkstone, MailOnline.com.

Ancient storm drain being used again! They thought of it first. Lest we get too confident that our more recent generations are the original innovators. It is another reason to put Pompeii on your Italy bucket list.



5 Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to Italy, World Nomads

Fun article about understanding the nuances of Rome and Italy in general.




Italian Prosecco Region Now A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Joan Lewis

Prosecco anyone?  My friend and Vatican Correspondent and fellow Prosecco fan shares some good news about our favorite sparkling wine.



Thermopolium – Ancient Roman Restaurant Offered Fast Food But Was It A Good Idea To Eat There? Ancient Pages

Pompeii – a definite must do on the Italy bucket list as archeologists keep discovering more and more about this ancient but advanced city near Naples.



Trevi fountain with touristsRome bans tourists from going topless, eating ‘messy’ food and leaving love padlocks, The Independent

There are a few changes you should be aware of in Rome. Tourists need to behave themselves or there could be a fine!



Old Sardinian ManSardinia, Italy: Home to the world’s longest-living menBlueZones.com

A few Italian lifestyle changes could help you live like those in Sardinia.




This Roman church was a gift from Catholics around the world to Leo XIII, Catholic News Agency





Photo: Shutterstock/Alliance Images, Lukiyanova Natalia frenta, Lorenzo Caglioni/BBC