Press Release – Taking Italy Travel to the Next Level: Catholic Talk Show Host, Teresa Tomeo, Launches T’s Italy Pilgrimages


“My dream is to combine faith, fellowship, food, fun,

and eye-popping scenery, ‘La Dolce Vita’ Style

with exceptional pilgrimage experiences,

as it’s never been done before.”

– Teresa Tomeo


DETROIT, Michigan, May 18, 2022 — The dream of leading new, exclusive, and unique tours and pilgrimages to Italy is about to become a reality for Teresa Tomeo, Founder of T’s Italy leading Catholic travel consultation company. Building on her 30+ years as a veteran journalist, Catholic syndicated talk show host and best-selling author, Tomeo, has combined her faith with her experience in Italy travel with nearly 60 visits to Italy, to launch T’s Italy pilgrimages where she will lead pilgrims to connect their faith with “the sweet life” of Italy, and take them off the beaten path through some well-known (and not so well known) hilltop towns in the beautiful Italian countryside. The ‘Premiere’ T’s Italy Pilgrimage, “La Dolce Fide: The Sweet Life of Faith,” is being offered November 4th through the 16th, 2022 to historic and faith-based towns of Orvieto, Assisi, and Rome, as well as several others.

“Italy has so much to offer in addition to the magnificent major cities, religious sights, off the charts food and wine, not to mention incredible history everywhere one turns. It is the way of life, however, interspersed with a deep spirituality and a love of the diverse landscape and culture that so many Italy tourists don’t experience as they’re running from one stop to the next. This is what makes travel with T’s Italy so special,” Tomeo said. “We help them to embrace, ‘la dolce vita’–the sweet life of Italy. This premiere pilgrimage takes that to the next level, infusing faith “fide” with all the other beauty that Italy offers, which will give them an authentic ‘taste’ of the true Italy, including dining and experiences in some of the most highly rated restaurants and wineries.”

“Instead of just visiting Assisi or Orvieto for a few hours, for example, which is so often the case on many tours,” Tomeo says, “our tours will focus on a slice of real Italian life in these quaint villages, visit a saint relic, a Eucharistic Miracle, and will also include time with the locals learning about their culture and contributions to ‘Bella Italia.’ Our pilgrims will hear wonderful stories about Italian heritage, gain valuable insider travel tips, have some down time to go shopping or sneak in a local church to pray, or they can join a cooking class or a wine tasting.”

“I have always shared this ‘la dolce vide’ approach during my T’s Italy consultations, in my newsletters, and on my radio program, but now, with the help of our partners at Corporate Travel Service and Ave Maria Radio, we are applying these concepts to exceptional Italian journeys with unique faith experiences. As a media expert, I’m well aware that, Americans who are attached to their electronics on average 11 hours a day, often find it hard to slow down and see the beauty around them. These pilgrimages will help them do just that and focus on the sweet things in life,” Tomeo continued.

For this premiere T’s Italy “Living La Dolce Fide” trip in November pilgrims will spend two nights in Assisi, three nights in the Etruscan town of Orvieto, stroll the quaint streets of the city of the Popes in Viterbo, visit Greccio, the site where St. Francis established the very first nativity scene, as well as two days in the Eternal City of Rome. “The timing for this premiere pilgrimage couldn’t be better,” says Tomeo, “as Italy recently dropped vaccination requirements and is welcoming all travelers once again.”


Teresa Tomeo is available for interviews.

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