Press Release – Teresa Tomeo Begins New Evangelization Venture, T’s Italy, July 11, 2019

Teresa Tomeo Begins New Evangelization Venture, T’s Italy

Tailoring Italy Itineraries With Hopes of Leading Travelers to God


DETROIT, MI, July 11, 2019 – “In Italy, you encounter God through beauty that makes you feel like you’re walking onto a picturesque canvas,” explains Teresa Tomeo, author, speaker, and Catholic talk show host. After over fifty trips to Italy, Tomeo has launched “T’s Italy” at with the slogan, “Traveling to Italy with Teresa Tomeo in your pocket,” offering her personal insights on where to eat, stay, shop, play and pray—to help make the most out of the Italy travel experience.

Through personalized trip planning and consulting on all things Italia—food, music, art, faith, and culture—Tomeo taps into her Italian heritage, thousands of hours of research, and twenty plus years covering Vatican events, leading pilgrimages, and vacationing with her husband Deacon Dominick throughout Italy’s coastline and charming countryside. A short questionnaire beforehand helps Teresa pinpoint interests and tailor an unforgettable Italy journey for travelers. The T’s Italy website also offers free videos & blogs on Italy’s hidden gems, as well as personalized trip memory services.

“Although people are not always making the trip for religious reasons,” she said, “many are caught by surprise and have a profound spiritual experience. What other country has so many saints and Eucharistic miracles, tombs of the apostles, churches and relics, fountains and historical sights? Your senses are on overload from the sights and sounds, which so often touch the soul. I think that planning unique and personalized trips to Italy is another form of evangelization, especially for those who have been away from the Church, but still have this beautiful country on their bucket list,” Tomeo said. “T’s Italy will offer unique ways to enhance someone’s trip and discover even more of Italy’s beauty and give them the extra time to truly embrace it.”

John Hale, owner of Corporate Travel, one of T’s Italy corporate partners describes Tomeo as “uniquely equipped to provide the very best advice” on travel in Italy, especially from a Catholic perspective. Teresa’s advice will help transform your experience in Italy from average to a life-changing encounter,” he said.

Al Kresta, president and CEO of Ave Maria Radio, also a T’s Italy corporate partner, says Teresa sweats the details so you can savor the richness that is Italy. For over two decades Teresa has shared her passion for Italy with millions via television, radio and podcasts. Now she turns that experience and love over to you—so your recreation will become re-creation.”

Teresa Tomeo is available for interviews.

To request an interview with Teresa Tomeo contact Gail Coniglio, Teresa Tomeo Communications,, 954-740-3261.