Heaven on Earth, Amalfi Coast Style

If you have the Amalfi Coast on your Italy itinerary be sure to include the marvelous experience of seeing this area from the water, and I’m not just talking about the public ferries that run up and down the coastline to the various towns and across the bay to Capri and Ischia. I’m talking about treating yourself to even more than a day of the area’s beautiful beaches. One of the best ways to treat yourself and your fellow travelers is to splurge a bit on a boat with nothing to do but soak in the sunshine, the sea, and the incredibly scenery of the quaint and colorful houses that dot the rugged shoreline.

My husband and I recently returned from the Amalfi Coast where we went to celebrate my 60th birthday. This was our sixth visit to this spectacular spot. Given all the time we have spent here, one would think we would have checked the boat tour off of our bucket list a long time ago. I guess being we’re so familiar with driving up and down the coast as well as ferry hopping, that a boat tour never really crossed our minds. That’s why we’re so grateful for the most amazing birthday gift given to me from our wonderful T’s Italy partners, Corporate Travel Service from Michigan and Alian Tours of Pompeii, Italy. It was the best birthday gift, next to, of course, amazing quality time with my adorable husband Dominick. There simply is nothing like slowly traveling by sailboat or motorboat along the coastline, stopping to swim in the grottos, and feeling the summer breeze and the occasional splash of salt water against your skin. Add in the chilled Prosecco served on board, and it is truly heaven on earth Amalfi Coast style.

That’s why I now highly recommend looking into a half or full day on the water. There are all kinds of cruise options, and pricing available and you can even join another group, depending on the number of passengers and the size of the vessel making the excursion even more affordable. Many people go on small boat tours, but some even rent yachts! Trust me when I say this will be among the best money you ever spent during your Italy experience. Stay tuned to T’s Italy for some great videos of our boat tour as well as an interview with our captain, Adriano. Ciao for now!