Maratea, The Other Almafi Coast

Maratea is the place to be if you’ve already been to the Amalfi Coast, or if you love the idea of a quieter, but just as beautiful oceanfront experience. This area is located along only one of two stretches of the southern Italy region of Basilicata that has ocean access. It’s definitely off the beaten path; tucked about two hours south of the more famous Amalfi Coast along the Mediterranean and practically on the border of Calabria. The quaint village hovering above the sea has everything you need for the picture perfect vacation including four and five star hotels and plenty of gourmet ristorantes. What it doesn’t have, you won’t miss and that’s the crowds and the tourist traps.

And when you go to Maratea, don’t miss this beautiful statue, The Statue of Christ the Redeemer of Maratea, made of Carrara marble. It rests on the top of Monte San Biagio. Created in 1965 by Florentine sculptor Bruno Innocenti, it’s the third tallest statue of Christ in Europe.

Photo: Lucamato/