Mushroom Risotto

With Thanksgiving behind us, many are beginning to plan for their Christmas Eve and Christmas day dinners. Even though the official holidays are a month away, it’s important to get a head start, given not only all the activities of the holiday season, but due to the supply issues still making news. If traveling to Italy is on your bucket list, and getting there for the season is not possible now, remember it’s not only possible but fun and festive to bring Italy to your table.

With this in mind, both here in the United States and in the Motherland, as I call it, you can bet there will be a great pasta dish along with the main meal. Lasagna is often a staple, or another type of filled pasta such as cannelloni, can often be found next to the meat and fish dishes.

Like any good full-blooded- Italian girl, I love my pasta, or macaroni as it’s referred to on the East Coast. But on a recent visit to bella Italia, I had the most scrumptious mushroom risotto (rice) that would be an excellent addition to any holiday menu. If there are vegetarians coming to your table, this could easily serve as their main course along with some vegetables, as it is that creamy and satisfying, even though there is no actual cream in the recipe. I am a big fan of Lidia Bastianich and I found a Mushroom Risotto recipe very similar to the one I had in Rome. It takes time, but the results are worth it! Also as Lidia explains, this is a great dish to prepare in front of your guests, for a truly great and interactive gathering and dining experience. Buon Appetito!


Photo: Teresa Tomeo