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T’s Italy is pleased to ANNOUNCE Its


Assisi ~ Orvieto ~ Rome

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Italy is open! L’Italia è aperta! And I want to help make your dream of visiting this beautiful land a reality, by saying “grazie” with a very special invitation!

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Register before May 31st for this one-of-a-kind pilgrimage, November 6th through the 14th, 2022, in the footprints of St. Francis of Assisi and St. Peter, and receive a $100 per person discount!

Seats are limited so act now to take advantage of this unique offer and prepare for a journey of a lifetime through the hill towns of Umbria and Lazio and of course, Roma. Experience two nights in Assisi, three nights in the Etruscan town of Orvieto. Stroll the quaint streets of the city of the Popes in Viterbo, as we learn about the very first papal conclave. Visit Greccio, the site where St. Francis established the very first nativity scene and finish your exceptional journey in Rome.

This premiere pilgrimage includes a taste of the true Italy with dining experiences in some of the most highly rated ristorantes, and wineries.

Act now to take advantage of this special discount and grab your place on this unique journey through Umbria, Lazio, and Rome!

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Dolce Primavera

Sweet Springtime in Italy

Flowers in Tuscany

Springtime truly is sweet in Italy for so many reasons — the weather, the smaller crowds, the scents, and the sights of flowers in bloom, and let’s not forget the fresh vegetables so abundant this time of year, incorporated into mouthwatering, yet light dishes. In my humble opinion, April or springtime in Paris as the old tune says, has nothing on Italy’s dolce primavera.

Let’s start with the weather, as it’s just about perfect. Temperatures in Rome for example, are in the low to mid 70’s. Might be a bit cool for the beach, and you might need a light shawl or jacket if you’re eating outside at night, but it couldn’t be more comfortable as you are shopping along the Via del Corso or Via Condotti. And those comfortable temperatures will certainly be appreciated as you go from one museum or church to the next. If you have a busy sight-seeing agenda for Italy, and who doesn’t since, take it from yours truly, there is so much to see no matter how many times one has visited “the boot,” spring or fall. But spring especially offers the best outdoor conditions.

And what about the crowds? They’re not quite back to pre-COVID levels and even if they were, spring is a busy time in Italy, but not nearly as busy as the summer months. It’s interesting to note that during my recent visit this past March, we learned that more Italians are traveling across their homeland verses venturing out to other parts of Europe right now. That’s primarily due to the ongoing war in Ukraine. Italians are booking popular tourist areas for their upcoming summer holidays such as the Amalfi Coast, Tuscany, Sardinia, and Sicily. So, if Italy is your vacation destination, you would be wise to plan a springtime get away.

And oh, those flowers, or as they say in Italian, Fiori. There is an absolute abundance of them from mid-April through the month of May, even in the heart of urban areas such as Rome. The Eternal City has a lot to offer when it comes to putting some spring in your step, including:

  • The Spanish Steps
  • The Rose Garden
  • The Botanical Garden

Spanish Steps, Rome, Italy

Rome’s Spanish Steps, are a popular gathering spot, made famous in many a film, including, Roman Holiday, and transformed into what looks like a carpet of fiori that lines the grand staircase from the Piazza di Spagna all the way up to the Piazza Trinita dei Monte, and the beautiful Trinita dei Monte church. Then there is Rome’s own Rose Garden, Roseto Comunale. It’s a public rose garden on the Aventine Hill, across from the Circus Maximus. My husband and I walked by it last October, on one of our long daily strolls that we like to take in Rome. It’s lovely year-round as it’s an oasis in the middle of a major city, but I loved it last week to see it in all its glory. Over eleven hundred, yes you read correctly, eleven hundred variety of roses are grown there, and many of the bushes are gifts from other countries. Then tucked away in a corner of my favorite area of Rome is yet another feast for the springtime senses. In the Trastevere neighborhood, is the Botanical Garden run by La Sapienza, Rome’s university. There is a decent admission fee but well worth it, as it is a wonderful way to get away from the hustle and bustle without every having to leave the city. It’s home to among other things, plenty of green houses, a Japanese garden and more than 3 thousand species of plants.

Fava Bean, Asparagus, and Arugula Salad with Shaved Pecorino Recipe

Fava Bean, Asparagus, and Arugula Salad with Shaved Pecorino

But Italy springtime is not only about the feasts for the eyes in terms of the fiori, but a feast for the stomach as well, in the fresh vegetables that abound, especially asparagus. In Rome, you’ll often find it in a delicious salad with beans, arugula or rocket as they say in Italy, and topped with pecorino. Simply fantastico. Here is a great recipe I found from Epicurious. Dolce Primavera, indeed. Godere!

Should You Do A Guided Tour?

Touring an amazing country such as Italy on your own sounds exciting and romantic, until you hit the ground alone and realize you bitten off much more than you can chew — and we’re not just talking about pizza, pasta, and gelato. T’s Italy speaks with pilgrimage leader and well-known Catholic author Steve Ray about the many advantages of a guided tour.

Click Here to Watch!

St. Philip Neri

The Apostle of Rome

St. Philip Neri, whose feast day in the Catholic Church is May 26th, was known as the “apostle of Rome” even though he was born and raised in the Renaissance City of Florence. The Italian priest, who died in 1595, was well educated and came from a wealthy family. He was designated to take over a prosperous family business, but a profound mystical vision led to a major Christian conversion. He quickly lost interest in the family business and felt a call to serve God, so he headed for Rome. His goal was to help the poor and evangelize the Eternal City whose residents were no longer living moral Christian lives. He preached everywhere and anywhere including on street corners and in the piazzas or public squares. He encouraged faith-based gatherings and discussions and was known for starting conversations with the questions, “well brothers, when shall we begin to do good?” The “apostle of Rome” is also one of the city’s five patron saints. St. Philip was canonized 400 years ago this year! His Relics reside in the beautiful Baroque “Chiesa Nuova,” Santa Maria in Vallicella Church, in Rome, the principle church of the Oratorians, the religious order St. Philip founded.

Rome and Surrounding Areas!

Tivoli GardensClick Here to View Photo Highlights of my latest trip this month with my husband Deacon Dominick to Rome, the Aventine Hill, Tivoli Gardens, Castel Gandolfo with the Papal Gardens, the countryside of Lazio, Viterbo, and Tuscania north of Rome.

Saints & Shrines Pilgrimage to Italy!

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From North to South Italy including Florence, Siena, Assisi, Rome, Milan, Manoppello, Lanciano & More!

With Steve & Janet Ray of “Footprints of God Pilgrimages,” one of our T’s Italy Pilgrimage Partners

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