Spumoni – The Classic Southern Italian Dessert

August is the month to vacation in Italy, and the perfect time for Italians & their visitors to enjoy the classic southern Italian dessert Spumoni. Spumoni is traditionally a triple layered semifreddo (partially frozen) gelato dessert with fruits and nuts, and sometimes liquor enhanced sponge cake. The most famous spumoni in Italy is made with three flavors/colors of the Italian flag: Pistachio, Maraschino Cherry, and vanilla and/or chocolate layered together. In Italy you can also find them using almond, semi-sweet chocolate, and Stracciatella (a gelato with bits of fine dark chocolate mixed in.) It is usually served sliced to show the layers.

Made popular in the United States by Italian American immigrants, Spumoni is usually made here with ice cream, in every form (loaf pan or domed “bomba”), and flavor, or even sorbet, available. Flavored with cherries or other fruit, pistachios or almonds, and chocolate pieces, it is sure to liven up your summer. If you would like, learn more about its history, and find a great but easy recipe here.


Photo: MSPhotographic