Touring the Sistine Chapel

Imagine being in the Sistine Chapel with only a handful of people. No security guards repeatedly shouting “silenzio” as you make your way shoulder-to-shoulder through the galleries and down the narrow stairs and into the Chapel chambers, only to be moved quickly out the door after barely having enough time to take in all of the chapel’s beauty which details creation and the life of Christ.

As you can see from the photo of our visit to the Sistine Chapel, this was the incredible experience my husband Deacon Dom and I had during our recent Rome pilgrimage with the Michigan chapter of the Vatican Patrons of the Arts. It was organized by our partners at Corporate Travel Service. Private tours of the Chapel and the Vatican museums might be more expensive than the average tour, but they’re well worth it and easier to come by these post COVID days, as tourism has yet to return to pre-COVID levels. Even if a private tour is not in your budget, you won’t have to wait hours in line to enter the museums, and will also have the opportunity to linger and reflect in front of one or more of the world’s great masterpieces.

November is also the off-season in Italy. It is a good time to go before the weather gets too cold. On any typical day, over 25,000 view this fresco daily at the Vatican. At this time the only way you can enter the Sistine Chapel is if you take a tour of the Vatican Museums. My husband Deacon Dominick and I just returned from there this past week and it was lovelier than ever! However, I did see the crowds increasing each time I visited this year.

This is one of the main reasons to get to Italy sooner or later; barely any and even at times, no crowds. But this won’t last for long. Given the accessibility that certainly will end soon, why not put that Italy trip on your Christmas gift list? Sounds cliche’ I know, but it will truly be a gift that keeps on giving. I’m happy to help you plan and make the most out of your Italy travel experience, helping you to maximize your time and infuse faith, beauty, and culture at every turn. And don’t we all need a little more of that!

In the meantime, until you plan that trip to visit the Sistine Chapel in Italy, check out this beautiful Sistine Chapel traveling exhibition that is being featured in many cities all across America. I encourage you to try to go see it.

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Photo: Teresa Tomeo